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Adobe Flex Builder 3 installation continued February 26, 2008

Posted by spikew in Flex.

So the Flex team has fixed the problem with Flex Builder Pro serial numbers that I wrote about yesterday. While I still haven’t heard back about the support ticket I opened yesterday, I was able to login to my Adobe account to retrieve the serial number for my purchase of Flex Builder Pro. So let the installation continue.  Be warned its still ugly…

Now that I have a serial number, I choose to download the installer from Adobe’s site.  Given that the download size is a tiny 385 MB, Adobe provides a separate download manager program that you need to use.  While I’m not a fan of download managers (I don’t like installing one-time junk on my machine), I buy that this should improve the download success rate.

The download manager launches and defaults to my Documents folder (I hate that), so I change it to save to my Downloads folder.  I then get this security message stating that my file was instead saved to my Temporary Internet Files folder.


Weird, I never see that when I download other programs.  Adobe has a technote about this on their site where they blame in on IE, but again, I don’t see this when I download other stuff, so this seems like an artifact of something out of the ordinary Adobe is doing (like using an ActiveX control to do the download??), so I still blame this confusing experience on the Flex Builder installer.

OK download is complete, let’s roll…

I run the downloaded FB3_WWEJ.exe file.  I get the standard Windows Vista security dialog asking me if I want to run this file, so I click run again.  Now the installer is up and running.  So I accept the defaults.

The first thing I notice is that the installer defaults to AdobeFlex Builder 3.0.


I hate it when programs try to install in to the root folder, but I think this might be some kind of Eclipse thing since Aptana does the same thing.

I click Next.


Oh boy, this is going nowhere good.  Why do I foresee a lot of pain in my future?

So the installer is unable to install into the default location.  This isn’t surprising since the install would need to at least elevate to admin privileges to write files there.  I wonder why I didn’t get the elevation prompt.

So I try to change the path to c:UsersspikeAdobeFlex Builder 3.0 where the installer will definitely have permission to write.



OK, my next guess its that the installer needs to be installed as an Administrator, so I exit the installer and re-launch the EXE by right clicking and choosing Run as Administrator.


Well, this time the installer chose a better default location. Looking better…


Alright, now we’re getting somewhere…


Crap.  I knew it was too good to be true. I’ve got plenty of disk space, and am running as admin so I can write.  So now I spend a half hour trying various techniques to get this puppy installed without erroring out.  No luck.

Let’s search for installation issues on Adobe’s forums.  None reported. 

Dead end. Let’s try re-downloading, and reinstalling.

I encounter the same problems when running as a non-elevated User, however this time it works when I run as Administrator.


Woo-hoo!  Bummer it’s installed into my Desktop folder now.  What a silly default for an installer, but there’s no way I’m changing it right now, as I need to get some actual work done today.


What! That wasn’t the actual installation?  Now its running the “real” installation.  Why on earth did that last dialog say to “Launch Adobe Flex Builder 3.0” as if it was done with the installation?



Well, that’s a much better installation location.


Arg, the Flex Builder 3 Beta was installed into the same location, and this installer doesn’t seem to support upgrading.  (Note to Adobe, if you’re not going to build upgrade support into the installer, please install the betas into their own folders that won’t be the same as the final version).

Given my experience with this install so far, I’m very nervous about uninstalling a version that I know works.  Luckily, my experience moving from Beta2 to Beta3 was good enough to give me some faith that I won’t get totally hosed, so I uninstall.


Hmm, not sure what that’s about. Process Explorer reports the files aren’t in use, and I’m able to manually delete them after the uninstaller exits.

Oh well, moving on.  Now I tell the Flex Builder 3 installer to try again.


Now we’re actually installing.  Approximately 8 minutes of installation later, the installer completes.

Woo Hoo! for real this time??


Ugh, that message gives me great confidence.  I quickly look for the install log.

Delete Folder:            Source:com.adobe.flexbuilder.update.site
                          Status: WARNING
                          Additional Notes: WARNING – There was a problem deleting C:Program FilesAdobeFlex Builder 3com.adobe.flexbuilder.update.site

Not sure if that’s a real problem, but I’ll just assume I’m all set.

I launch Flex Builder 3 and it works!  For some reason the new version doesn’t seem to recognize the existing projects in my workspace from the beta, but that’s something I’ll look into later.


After 3 solid hours of installation-related work and a total of 24 hours later, I think we can finally call my installation of Flex Builder painful, but successful.  Separate from the serial number glitch, there’s a lot of room for improvement in this installation experience:

  • The download manager shouldn’t do weird things that cause files to get downloaded into unexpected locations
  • The first EXE unzip experience was very painful.  It failed multiple times and finally worked after re-downloading, and running as an Administrator.
  • If the installer needs to elevate to administrative privileges, it should prompt to elevate.
  • The first unzip experience seems like it installed the product, but it didn’t, there was yet another “real” installation after that one completed
  • The installer should deal better with installing over previous versions. Either add real upgrade support, or use an installation location that won’t conflict with previous versions you have shipped.
  • This installation experience is way too long long and takes way too many clicks.  Aptana is comparable in its general architecture (an Eclipse-based standalone IDE) and that installation experience feels extremely light comparatively. (Disclosure: I used to work at Aptana)

Why did I spend the time to write this blog post?  I hate, hate, hate needlessly frustrating product experiences, especially for products that I generally think are great.  Installation experiences can be surprisingly bad because product teams often consider them a secondary priority to the core product.  This can be disastrous since frustration during a user’s first experience will at least lead to a bad first impression, and can quite often lead to aborted installations and lost customers. This goes back to a belief that I’ve always had:

Product Engineers who like to do quality installation work are well worth their weight in gold.

In software it’s always necessary to weigh the cost/benefit for all issues. It’s quite possible that the worst parts of my experience occur very infrequently in the overall number of installs. If so, then I accept that the pain I incurred may not be worth the cost of making sure this never happens again.  But, if it turns out this happens a lot, it implies a software quality issue that either wasn’t caught during testing, or one that was caught, but was mis-prioritized.

Here’s hoping the experience everyone else has installing Flex Builder 3 is much better!



1. Rasheed - February 27, 2008

I’ve recently finished installing Flex Builder 3 on Vista x64 and the installation seems to have gone smoothly (though I had the same annoyances with the initial unpacking and download manager). My real problem is when I right click on a project, go to Properties, and click on “Flex Build Path” (or go through the Project menu, click on Properties, and “Flex Build Path”) I get an empty screen on the right hand side (where the options for adding SWCs, etc… should be). The only time I get this option is when I am initially setting up the project. This definitely sucks so I was wondering if it’s my particular machine or a Vista x64 thing.

2. C. Agruss - February 27, 2008

Hey Spikew,
Thanks for alerting us to the problem with the double-extraction. This was an unintentional side-effect of the installers being re-wrapped at the last minute by a separate team for the download manager.

We corrected this today, so the live downloads are quicker and simpler to extract again now – just a single non-interactive extraction at install time.

Thanks again,
C. Agruss
Flex Builder Team

3. Carsten - February 29, 2008


I dont know why you had all these problems, but, I downloaded the FB3 for MAC and Windows.
And I had NO problems either on the MAC or on Windows.
Double-clicked the installation File on Win and just clicked next next next. Everything fine.

Maybe this is something that occurs with Vista only.

Now i know why I dont upgrade!


4. R. Grimes - May 13, 2008

I love the Flex product, but agree that some of the install quirks can be a pain. As a user of MyEclipseIDE (by Genuitec), every time that I want to upgrade to the new version, I have to uninstall Flex Builder so that I can reinstall it and attach it to the new MyEclipseIDE installation.

5. Joe - June 27, 2008


It’s been four months since your post. I just installed Flex on Vista x64 this month, June, and I’ve got the exact same problem you describe above. This is tragic. Did you ever find the resolution? Furthermore, I experience the same problem in the run configurations dialog.

6. Michael - July 15, 2008

I have the same issue any resolutions? I can’t change the compiler setting either

7. DiTcH - July 24, 2008

Hi, We are deploying Flex 3, and I was wondering if anyone could help me. By default the worksapce location is c:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\Flex Builder 3\
But if I log in as another user with locked down rights they can’t see that location and a prompt comes up asking where you want to change the workspace location to.

I need a solution so that I can change the location for each user to their profile folder…I.E. where is the file that controls the workspace links resource location?

8. kathirvel - February 28, 2009

Can i get some information regarding – playing a swf in a browser or in some other player and it doesn’t get downloaded in the temporary internet files folder in *.swf format or some other encrypted format.

Thanks & regards
Kathirvel M

9. Nick - July 22, 2009

Joe, Rasheed, Michael,
Any resolutions to this, I have had the same issue on a recent install on 64-bit vista!

kathirvel - January 12, 2010

have you found any where to protect flash from downloading.

10. kathirvel - January 12, 2010

hey nick,
have you found any where to protect flash from downloading.

11. oscar - January 25, 2010

I have had the same issue on a recent install on WINDOW SEVEN x64bit … it’s wrong! I can’t job with felx builder 3

12. romit - August 29, 2010

i urgently need a trial version of flex builder 3. but all i am getting is flash builder 4.. can anybody provide me some links to the same??

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[…] Adobe Flex Builder 3 installation¬†continued . […]

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