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JavaScript performance boost opens interesting doors September 2, 2008

Posted by spikew in JavaScript.

Following Google’s announcement about their Chrome browser today, it struck me that there has been a string of interesting announcements in the last few months about technologies being built by Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Adobe to dramatically improve the performance of JavaScript.

The scale of these performance increases will likely affect the way web applications are built in the next few years as it should make it possible to run heavily JavaScript-based applications at much better speeds.

Technologies likely to benefit from these performance increases include:

  • JavaScript frameworks and libraries
  • JavaScript-focused development tools (since heavy JS coding will become more popular)
  • Client-side mashups
  • JS-accessible webservices
  • Rich internet applications that run on the browser’s native HTML+JS engine
  • Compilers and transcoders that "compile" popular programming languages (like Java or C#) into Javascript

List of high-performance JavaScript Engines

…so where’s Microsoft’s entrance into this performance party??



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JavaScript performance boost opens interesting doors | Primordial

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