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Stax is now open for business December 16, 2008

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TechCrunch just let Stax out of the bag. After staying relatively stealth for the last year, I’m happy to announce that beginning today, the Stax beta we’ve been building is now publicly available.

By bringing the power of elastic computing (using Amazon EC2) to the Java platform, we believe Stax marks the beginning of a new, yet familiar, way for Java developers to build and deploy web applications.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an emerging and very powerful part of the cloud computing ecosystem that promises a much more application-centric view for developers to leverage. With PaaS, application software stacks are deeply integrated with an elastic computing substrate with the end goal of achieving a new level of simplicity, flexibility, and cost-savings for application developers and administrators.

Stax is pioneering the creation of a Platform as a Service solution for the Java platform that provides a fresh new set of tools and services developers can use to leverage elastic computing from their Java applications. Our goal with Stax is to evolve the use of elastic computing infrastructure to make it so simple and cost effective that it can become a fundamental new tool for developers to use in their day-to-day application lifecycles to enable powerful new development scenarios and workflows.

The Stax beta is now available for Java developers to use, and we encourage developers with any interest in cloud computing to take a look at it and see how it’s possible to simplify the end-to-end development of applications by combining the cloud with the Java Platform. During this initial launch period, we are throttling signups a bit using a waiting list, but we expect this list to move quickly, so don’t let it discourage you from signing up.


Check out the screencasts on the site to get a good look at how it works…



1. Adam Prewett - December 29, 2008

Hi Spike,
My name is Adam Prewett, I am with Voyager Capital in Seattle. We are actively looking for internet platform investments and I would love to spend a few minutes with you on the phone to learn more about what you are doing at Stax

Adam Prewett

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