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My name is Spike Washburn, and these are my ramblings and rants. 

I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Stax Networks.

Software Engineering is my drink of choice. I’m currently mixing the kool-aid flavors of cloud-computing, Java and application development tools to see how it tastes. 

I’m proud to have worked with some great teams developing great products, including:

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1. Garrett Serack - August 21, 2006


I’m wondering about the Writer SDK. I couldn’t seem to deduce any method to replace/enhance the HTML Source editor.

I’ve got a color syntax-highlighting-editor that can be dropped in place into a .NET app any place you use a text field.


I’d *LOVE* to drop in a color-syntax-highlighting editor into Writer–but it doesn’t appear that I can.


2. Ido Samuelson - August 30, 2006

Hi Spike,

I checked the WLW SDK , I wanted to write a simple plugin to allow text emotions like 🙂 to switch to images. However I couldn’t find where the SDK supports this manipulation of real-time editing.

Please let me know if it is possible.

Best Regards,

Ido Samuelson

3. Ben Griswold - November 14, 2006

HI Spike. Thanks again for the WLW feedback the other day. I have another question for you. I would like to completely migrate over to WLW, but I’m not sure there is a way to download ALL of my WordPress posts to view in WLW? I know WLW provides the ability to view up to 500 of the most recent posts, but I believe these entries may only be opened one at a time. Is there a way to download all posts and have them stored in the “My Weblog Posts\Recent Posts” folder? Take care, Ben

4. Skye Stout - December 24, 2006

All I had to do was point Windows Live Writer to the directory xmlrpc.php was in. For me, that directory was techgtd.pilotech.us/wordpress.

Interestingly, after trying several times with the same settings, Windows Live Writer said that it wasn’t working and that it wanted to try something else. It offered a list of blogging sites, one of which was wordpress, and one particular option was “wordpress (custom installation)”. So I selected that and entered in the directory xmlrpc.php was in, and it worked!

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