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xmlrpc problems with WordPress installations August 30, 2006

Posted by spikew in WindowsLiveWriter, WordPress.
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Dear “Worst episode ever”,

Posting comments on your blog¬†is generating permission denied errors, so I guess I’ll have to comment via a trackback. I hope those are working better ūüôā

I’m glad to hear you got Windows Live Writer working. I’ve encountered a few¬†other users who are¬†having problems getting Writer working because their WordPress xmlrpc.php interface is generating bad responses. Can you tell me what you changed just so I can pass the word onto other WordPress users?


For anyone else encountering XMLRPC errors when connecting Windows Live Writer to a custom WordPress installation, we’ve found a few¬†instances where WordPress plugins installed on the server where causing invalid XML-RPC responses to be generated.¬† If you are having problems, try disabling all of your WordPress plugins, and see if Writer can connect.¬† If this fixes Writer, you can try re-enabling each plugin one at a time to find the one that is breaking your XMLRPC interface.¬† If you find a WordPress plugin that is breaking¬†Writer’s ability to connect, please post a comment here so I can follow-up with the plugin developers to resolve the problem.

Also, any WordPress experts out there¬†with ideas¬†about how to solve Michael’s WordPress problem, please help.